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Fertility Conditions

Fertility Conditions

Infertility is defined by the NHS as a couple not being able to successfully conceive naturally despite having regular unprotected sex for over one year. Although it may take over a year to conceive, many couples can do so naturally; however, some couples may need to seek out assisted fertility treatment.

Causes of infertility

There is a myth that infertility is mainly caused by female factors, however, this is not the case. Infertility issues are as likely to be caused by male infertility factors, (e.g. low sperm count or quality, damage to testicles, ejaculation disorders and sterilisation), as they are by female fertility factors, (e.g. ovulation disorders, damage to fallopian tubes or the womb, Endometriosis and scarring). Approximately 30% of infertility issues are due to female fertility factors, 30% from male fertility factors and the remaining 40% of infertility issues are from combined or unexplained factors.

If you would like to know more about what can cause fertility problems in women, men and what your options are we recommend speaking with Health care provider IVI UK, who are worldwide leading experts in assisted fertility treatments.