For many couples struggling to achieve or complete a family assisted Conception in the form of IVF/ICSI is the only option for successful treatment. Although great improvements in outcomes have been achieved over recent years meaning couples have much greater chances of having a successful outcome, it still remains an expensive treatment option that unfortunately for many couples is not an affordable option.

Unfortunately the provision of NHS funded assisted conception treatment (IVF/ICSI) in the UK is not adequate to meet the demands of the population. Strict access criteria particularly with regard to previous pregnancies within a relationship mean many couples cannot access NHS funded fertility treatment. At the same time there is a great demand from women unable to have a baby with their own eggs for donated eggs. Egg sharing is a scheme that has developed that allows women to have a cycle of assisted conception (IVF/ICSI treatment) at significantly reduced cost in exchange for donating a proportion (approximately half) of their eggs to another couple for treatment.

At Cheshire Womens Health we are able to offer the option for some couples of sharing eggs so that they can access assisted conception at a more affordable cost so that they can achieve their dreams of a complete family.

If you are interested in egg sharing we have included a patients guide for your information. If you feel that this treatment is of interest to you and would like an appointment to discuss this option and to see if you would meet the criteria to share eggs please make an appointment with a clinician at CWH.

Please note that once you have been accepted onto the egg share scheme, screening, matching and preparation for an egg sharing cycle may take up to 6 months from consultation to commencement of treatment.


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