For some women the only option for achieving a family is through the use of IVF with donated eggs. For women with an early menopause or who fail to respond to medication in a previous IVF cycle then donated eggs is the only option for them to carry a pregnancy, for other women who may carry an inherited genetic risk to any offspring, or who have had repeated pregnancy losses then the use of donor eggs can remove any risks to the pregnancy. For other couples where the female may be older then donated eggs may give a more realistic chance of achieving a pregnancy with limited resources.

The use of Donor eggs to help women achieve a pregnancy has grown rapidly over the last few years and demand in the UK has led to significant shortages off egg donors, although new limited payment to donors as well as egg sharing schemes has increased the supply of Donor eggs, many people will seek treatment abroad to increase their options as well as chances. At Cheshire Womens Health we work closely with our partner the Hewitt centre to provide Egg donation in the UK with locally recruited Egg donors/ sharers.

For patients wishing to expedite treatment by going overseas (where rules with regards to payment of donors is not the same as the UK) we have worked closely for a number of years with respected clinics providing treatment with Donor eggs. This partnership means patients have all their investigations, donor matching and treatment in Chester and they can have a short spell overseas for the final stage of treatment in a clinic that matches the rigorous requirements of treatment in the UK.

We are working carefully to increase the options for patients with collaborations with other centres in Europe so that Cheshire Womens Health patients can have the widest choice of treatment options from trusted clinics and can be confident of expert care.



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