The decision to proceed with fertility treatment is one of the biggest decisions a couple can face, and when NHS treatment is not available it can place an even greater burden on couples. Patients as well as clinic understandably wish to do everything they can to increase the chances of successful treatment. Whilst the standard techniques of assisted conception have been adapted and improved to make dramatic improvements in outcomes, many other adjuvant or complementary treatments have also been developed and offered to patients to potentially further improve pregnancy rates.

Many of these therapies are based on biological plausibility rather than evidence of efficacy, nevertheless over the last decade there has been an explosion in the use of these adjuvant treatments leaving patients confused and worried that they may be missing out on the best treatment for them.

Indeed some treatments that have initially been introduced as adjuvant therapy now have such strong evidence that they are now offered as a routine to all patients (such as Embryoscope)

At Cheshire Womens health we understand the difficulty couples are placed in by this wealth of alternative/ complementary or adjuvant treatments, we therefore seek to provide only adjuvant therapy to specific couples where there is strong evidence for benefit or after careful assessment and discussion as to the potential benefits.

Where there is robust evidence for benefit of an adjuvant therapy this treatment will be recommended, if there is treatment that may benefit certain individuals we will endeavour to give a full and accurate assessment of the evidence of benefit to you specifically.







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